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Sánchez Santiago (1961) is an artist using diverse media with a clear informalist influence who moves between expressionism and abstraction.

His works highlight great volumes and organic materials; works through which he expresses the purity of the natural forms that inspire him. His unique and vivacious works are able to make us feel and perceive a whole world of sensations and feelings, transporting us to an inner world through a very personal language and style.

As well as working in painting, sculpture, design, installation, photography or video art, he is the founder of a new movement together with the architect and advisor on sustainability for the European Union, Orlando de Urrutia, which they call “Sensorial Eco-Art”. This is the result of the union of art and sustainable sculptural architecture, with which they create a new concept of art for our time, integrating artistic-sensorial and interactive spaces.

All of Sánchez Santiago’s work is the result of intense research into a multitude of disciplines, materials and textures, the search for new elements and their combination, but above all, it is the result of the study for balance between the material and the space.

His first individual exhibition was held in 1985 in Regina, Canada and since then his artistic career and work have expanded internationally to countries such as the USA, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Cuba, Spain, Italy, Greece, Germany, France and Switzerland, among many others. Here, as well as creating personal exhibitions and taking part in international art fairs, he has created artistic, design, sculptural and interior design projects and his work is internationally recognised in institutions, public and private collections, museums and art galleries.

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Sanchez santiago Artist - Artist References - EXPOSITIONS

Sanchez santiago Artist - Artist References - EXPOSITIONS

Sanchez santiago Artist - Artist References - EXPOSITIONS

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