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La ruta de la sal


The route of salt is a sailing race from Barcelona to Ibiza that remind us the ships what ancienty carried the salt from Ibiza to the catalan coasts.

Sánchez Santiago bring his firm to the catamaran's hull and sail .

He has a great passion for the art and the sea ,that reason take him to the ship's crew to beggin a new adventure:" la ruta de la sal", a side wind where found strongs tempests and winds.

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Book Air - Artist Manual -Sanchez Santiago

AIR - Artist manual

Air, artist manual is a pleasant book where shows the reflections from the artist Sánchez Santiago between little histories and meditations decorated with touches and draws.

We find an inspired, cherful and meek attitude that transform the moment of read in a personal space to think and enjoy the author's knowledge.

Artist manual learns us a type to act on the life like Sánchez Santiago did and do with his art.




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