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It is a delicate ring; where you wrap us in the origins of art, where the materials, the clay, stones or eathers are the medium of your dreams. The poetry of your work is closer to tears than turpentine, closer to emotions than reasons.

Your brushstroke is sometimes repeated bursts in the ocean waves, with their catastrophes of foam. It is the invisible salt in the sea. I can see the fingerprints of your soul, the fire of your look mixed with stalks of wheat collected during sad autumns or the edge of cold, in the middle of the snow of any spring.
This is done with professional knowledge, which today disappears in Conceptual Art, and which you, Antonio, fill with originality.

Your images fill me with nostalgia. It is as if the materials were your ancestors, which live in your works. It is that harmony we dream about, of a simple and quiet nature, which upon contemplating it through your work fills me with the respect, the silence of the sea breeze, of the cold of the cliffs at dawn, of broken dreams, of desires to return. It would seem that you only path is a return, an eternal return to the bottom of the sea, which we should never, ever have abandoned.

In your brushstrokes there is a nostalgia and the value of your work, for me, is the invitation to retake the path, to find ourselves, our dreams and embrace them knowing that they are no longer alone, because after the experience of contemplating your works, I think I can do as you do and accompany my dreams with your courage. Your work is full of respect for nature, for that nature of which we are a part, where the dreams of all ancestors live beside us. Your respect is expressed in the strokes of the coloured land or the dry grasses that are carefully incorporated in your works, conscious that they are the grandparents, and the grandparents of your grandparents’ grandparents, speaking to us in the middle of damp woods, of their angers, their worries, of their smiles full of empathy in blue dawns.
I have been impressed to find an artist, who without me knowing where he comes from, has walked with me since before the beginning of time, in remote islands we never knew and of which we will never know their names.

What I know of your work is evidence of nature, which has been revealed through your hands, which appeals to our consciences, which demands we acknowledge
ourselves in the fragility of our solitude and invites us to find ourselves once again in the present surroundings, that present that contains all the past and all the future, where we must live side-by-side with everything in existence, as ecologists without any arrogance. This is to say something good, it is to bless your work, because finally, we are a drop in the ocean, we are dust, but you have whispered to me... "Yes, ... dust, ... we are dust...but sacred dust".

I sincerely congratulate you, for working on the rescue of origin art, with simple materials, organic materials, others recycled forming part of your work through the elements and concept to the ecological cycle of our surroundings.
Without a doubt you are in the formulation of the change of paradigm, as has been the role of true
artists. Thank you for your courage in exhibiting yourself, for venturing in new techniques that care for the environment with innovative and sustainable techniques.

Orlando de Urrutia                                                           Max Peña A.          
Doctor of Architecture MDI                                              Architect WCC
EU Sustainability Advisor                                                 Cultural Advisor to UNESCO



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